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Message: Posted by: RiffRaff (Dec 5, 2020 08:41PM)
So you wanna be a street performer?
And you wanna do the really big shows?
And you wanna get really big hats?
If you've done any street shows at all you've certainly heard of the name Alakazam.
Al does the biggest shows on the planet.
During covid, he decided to put a course together to teach others how to be successful on the street and in festivals.

Full Online course includes:
75+ video tutorials
10+ hours content
Access to Private Facebook Group
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Zoom Coaching calls
Professional mentorship from one of the world's most successful street performers. AL MILLAR.

"Create, Promote, and Perform a Booming World-Class Street Performance show"

Magic Café users can use coupon code- BIGSHOW to receive $200 of the price of the course.

Also, check out his free "12 Steps to a high income street performance."
Message: Posted by: markmagic (Dec 20, 2020 08:15PM)
It looks like a great course, anyone signed up yet that can give a review?
Message: Posted by: RiffRaff (Mar 3, 2021 07:54AM)