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Topic: Trying to identify this card trick
Message: Posted by: BeachCat (Dec 9, 2020 08:07AM)
Not sure of the name of the trick but it was purchased in the 80's. It's a packet of cards with blank faces with a round sticker of a fly on each. The directions are lost for these and can't remember the total effect so thought I'd send it out. I know that you end up with a bunch of the fly stickers all with squashed flies on them instead of a full unsquashed fly. I'm sure you'd show all the cards to have an unsquashed fly on it. if anyone has any idea of who created it or performed it, please comment below. Thank you!
Message: Posted by: John7 (Dec 9, 2020 09:07AM)
Buzz Kill by John Bannon?
Message: Posted by: CardGuyMike (Dec 9, 2020 09:30AM)
Bannon's effect is pretty recent. I believe it's based on an Aldo Colombini effect called Fly Cards, and if this trick was purchased in the 80's that could be it.
Message: Posted by: John7 (Dec 9, 2020 10:02AM)
Ok. Although Buzz Kill has been around for a while now - since 1994.
Message: Posted by: CardGuyMike (Dec 9, 2020 12:59PM)
You caught me betraying my age! Yeah I was thinking that Bannon's trick certainly wasn't around in the '80's and I know it was just recently (re)released in the last year or two. But you know you're getting up there when you think of the '90's as pretty recent.
Message: Posted by: BeachCat (Dec 11, 2020 07:03PM)
Thank you for your input. I think it's Aldo's and will do a little more investigation on that one. Thank you everyone!
Message: Posted by: Frank Yuen (Dec 12, 2020 09:13AM)

Aldo performed this on one of the Hank Lee Conclave Convention videos. I think it was explained as well but I'm not certain about that.