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Topic: How to store and organize different decks
Message: Posted by: mikenewyork (Dec 14, 2020 03:19PM)
Anyone have ideas for how to store and organize your different decks. I have a drawer with lots of special decks that all look the same and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for labeling them/storing them in a way that you can know which deck is which
Message: Posted by: karnak (Dec 14, 2020 04:52PM)
I label the bottom of each deck’s box with a sliced-off piece of a Post-It note (just the sticky-backed fraction thereof) bearing the name of the gaffed or pre-arranged deck.

This keeps multiple decks organized and clearly labeled. Stored in a drawer, bottom end up, all labels are visible for easy selection. Labels are easy to remove prior to performance, and easy to put back on afterward.
Message: Posted by: mikenewyork (Dec 14, 2020 06:17PM)
Good idea karnak thanks!