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Topic: Magic Tales
Message: Posted by: bishthemagish (Jun 13, 2004 10:34AM)
Here is a magic story that happened to me while perforing at one of the many festivals many summers ago...

I do illusions from time to time. I have several that I built myself. Many people find this interesting because they just know me as a hypnotist and a close up magician.

But I do do illusions if I have the need and I use them from time to time in doing 4 wall events and I do them as an opening act and then I close with hypnotism.

Anyway- I was booked to do a summer festival and I was using the dolls house to produce a girl in a full hoop skirt...

Anyway spiders got into the base had eggs... They seemed to want to hatch all at the same time during one of the shows. I must say that during that show I had the fastest doll house production on record...

Do you have any interesting stories when performing maigic - close up - stage - illusions - or even hypnotism?

Anything interesting or funny happen while on the road?

Please post...
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Jun 19, 2004 02:21PM)
Funny to me now and hillarious to the audience at the time...many years ago...I had an Escape act which consisted of a very funny Thumb Cuffs routine...a very Dangerous (to me) bit with a big chain and the Straight Jacket. Now the Straight Jacket I used for the club act was the gimmicked one that Tannen used to sell and Mario Manzini had taught me to use properly for great effect. Well I had bragged before the crowd that they should Count to 25 and I would be out of it well before they hit the final number.
It was a lousy Topless Club bar crowd very unresponsive untill they hit number 50!! Man was I embarassed...then 75! Finally in a demonstration of what can happen in pure RAGE and adrenilin rush I RIPPED out of the darn thing in Faux triumph.
The back up band was on the floor in histerics.
What had gone wrong: When I couldn't get an audience member to come on stage, I usually had the bass player put me in the jacket and strap it up. This time I was so bored with the audience I wasn't paying attention to his actions. Playing the big joke, he put all the straps to the wrong buckles and the crotch strap nearly castrated me in the process of getting out. It was TIGHTLY strapped and my normal lazy method of extrication went to hell in a hand basket.

Needless to say...I never used the gimmicked Jacket again and went to a real one that I paid close attention to every time it was hooked up.

That Jacket by the way after repair was passed to Anton LeVay for use in his 'Satanic Rites'. I figured it was a fitting end to the thing.