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Topic: "Aggravating" the audience
Message: Posted by: Maxyedid (Dec 23, 2020 04:48PM)
Hi friends!

In Cellini's videos, in the part where he reviews Sonny Holliday's act, he says that: "Throughout the act, he (Sonny) continues to challenge his audience, provoking ? and aggravating them". [I could not understand one of the words]

Anyways I'm interested in learning more about this "technique" if it can be called that way, and how street performers use it.

Message: Posted by: Maxyedid (Dec 27, 2020 11:55AM)
Evidently I asked in the wrong place...
Message: Posted by: Eric Evans (Dec 27, 2020 01:11PM)
This is a question of style. Slydini had a very confrontational presentation often in his magic, this is sort of an extension of that. On the street you might want to "provoke" a response from your audience. That's all Cellini is referring to I believe. It gets the audience involved on an emotional level as opposed to being detached and objective.
Message: Posted by: gaddy (Dec 27, 2020 01:55PM)
It's a challenging presentation technique. But, obviously, it can be successful.

I'd say that one must be particularly adept at the psychological evaluation of one's audience to be successful at this.

On the one hand, a confrontational persona can reduce heckling and other bad audience behavior and it can get some pretty good laughs as well...

On the other hand:
Aggravate the wrong group of audience members and they're going to walk away. Challenge another group improperly and you risk getting punched in the eye...

Personally, this type of performing was never for me. I like my audience and have no reason to treat them this way, even when it's "all in good fun".

There's always the chance that someone's going to take these harmless statements the wrong way, and I found that every reason I might have had to use them could be just as easily accomplished using patter and techniques that didn't risk alienating the audience.

I think it's pretty important for a performers persona to be consistent throughout the act; and again, you have to ask yourself: "is this The kind of magician I want to be?"

Good luck out there!