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Topic: Is there a Penguin Magic Monthly Section?
Message: Posted by: 1KJ (Jan 13, 2021 03:01PM)
I wanted to post a new topic about the most recent Penguin Magic Monthly, but I don't see a category for it.

January 2021

The "Black and Blue Coin Vanish" routine was VERY interesting. I love the gimmick, but I din't like the routine at all. When you turn your hands, it gives the appearance you are doing sleight of hand with the coin. I think this would be a thousand times better if the gimmick appeared to be one of those rectangular mirrors you might keep in a drawer at work. The gimmick would be in the frame in such as way that is could be slid from side to side with a pull so that your hands could remain completely motionless and all you need to do is release pressure or pull "the pull" without moving your hands (perhaps it is connected to your mouth or leg). You would start by pretending to place a coin on top of the mirror, but do a false "transfer" to the mirror and the coin would in fact be "below the mirror". You then hold your hands in such a way that they are clearly seen and not moving, and the coin slowly disapears as you pull the gimmick through the frame of the mirror.