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Topic: Started a YouTube Channel!
Message: Posted by: Hybrid Hunter (Jan 14, 2021 06:25PM)
I've always had in mind to start a YouTube channel that showcases only magic (no tutorials or exposure) with interesting presentations and so far I've managed 4 videos over the past month, and I am getting better at managing the whole writing, performing and editing process as each week goes by.

Here's my latest video where I combine Virus by John Guastaferro and Unshuffling Rebecca by Paul Harris with a fun presentation that is kind of related to our pandemic times!


I'd love your feedback and support through the YouTube like/comment/subscribe system if you feel inclined!

I'll continue to update this Topic with my latest videos so I don't bombard you guys with different topics each time!
Message: Posted by: Hybrid Hunter (Jan 23, 2021 03:18PM)
This week I pay tribute to David Roth with a performance of his Wild Coin routine.


It's so crazy how many magicians we have lost in the span of a few weeks, so sad.
Message: Posted by: sileeni (Jan 29, 2021 03:23PM)
Great stuff buddy.
Message: Posted by: Hybrid Hunter (Jan 31, 2021 04:44AM)
Thanks Sileeni!

Here's my latest video where I talk about the first trick I learnt, that being a sandwich effect!

Message: Posted by: sileeni (Feb 1, 2021 10:35AM)
Hate peanut butter!!!!!!
Great video again though.
Well done mate.
Message: Posted by: Hybrid Hunter (Feb 7, 2021 02:33AM)
Thanks Sileeni, sorry about the peanut butter!!

My next one is a fun take on Valentine's Day coming up using John Guastaferro's Love Me Not
Message: Posted by: Hybrid Hunter (Feb 14, 2021 05:00PM)
This one is less for magicians but more for muggles as we probably know all these things already.

It's a list video - 5 facts about Fool Us you may not know!
Message: Posted by: Hybrid Hunter (Feb 24, 2021 11:43PM)
My latest video is a performance of John Bannon's Fractal Jacks from his book Mega Wave that people might not be familiar with.
It's a nice 3 phase routine using only 8 cards and leads the view down a nice garden path!

Message: Posted by: Hybrid Hunter (Mar 4, 2021 05:15PM)
Released a video where I perform 3 effects with the 4 aces.
There's so many effects you can do with just the 4 aces, so I'm sure I'll revisit this down the line.

Message: Posted by: Hybrid Hunter (Apr 30, 2021 05:43AM)
Finally got around to filming a new video! With a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles presentation I do Marlo's Aces/Easy Ace Estimation followed by Aces of Connoisseurs/Henry Christ Aces hybrid Vincents Aces.

Message: Posted by: Hybrid Hunter (May 18, 2021 05:17AM)
A new video where I review Ollie Mealing's Membership service.
It's a subscription where you get access to his card material.

There's also a discount code for 20% off your first month in the video as well!

Message: Posted by: Hybrid Hunter (Jun 11, 2021 01:22AM)
A short fun video with a James Bond theme, pitting them against each other in a deadly game of chance!