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Topic: If a picture is worth ten thousand words
Message: Posted by: tommy (Jan 19, 2021 12:48PM)
Then is mine far better than talk?

Anyhow, for fun, I am practising mining a card trick here and I think I can do it but feels weird.
Message: Posted by: Pop Haydn (Jan 21, 2021 03:16AM)
I think you've dug too far, tommy...could be an empty shaft.
Message: Posted by: tommy (Jan 21, 2021 07:07PM)
If can write then you can draw as they say.
Message: Posted by: Pop Haydn (Jan 21, 2021 09:42PM)
What are you mining for?
Message: Posted by: tommy (Jan 22, 2021 12:46PM)
I am not sure what mean Pop. I have been reading this book on Clowning and there is a lot in it about mine, about Charlie Chaplin, Marcel Marceau etcetera and it got me wondering if I could perform card tricks that I normally use verbal patter for silently. It is an exercise and I just playing with a birds of feather Erdnase trick at the moment. In this lockdown, there is nobody here or about to mine it for and so I am going stir crazy. How does one do close up magic when one has got to keep one's distance anyhow? :)
Message: Posted by: Pop Haydn (Jan 22, 2021 06:08PM)
I was teasing you. Pantomime. Mime. Mining is not miming. :)
Message: Posted by: tommy (Jan 22, 2021 06:39PM)
Message: Posted by: tommy (Jan 22, 2021 09:09PM)
The real Prof Bosco ended up in Aston Birmingham; it is a small world.


I saw the Beatles there.