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Topic: I can't remember the name of that card trick ...Could you help me ?
Message: Posted by: j.i.s. (Jan 20, 2021 11:08AM)

Many years ago more that ten years I performed a trick with a nice reveal at the end . So , an specatator chose a card and you will draw on the back of the card case cellophane a globe and will put a lots of dots . Will show that draw to spectator and will shake the card case ...After that shake all points will be aligned in the name of the chosen card . So the trick is not Jay Sankey ...because is draw on the card case cellophane ...and I think is not Chatelain .... Maybe if I hard try to remember I think is something under cellophane .... So could you help me with the name of that trick ?

Thank you

Message: Posted by: EternalNameless (Jun 2, 2021 07:19PM)
Memory and illusion of the past? The only thing can think of is that Paul Harris Presents effect with cellophane sharpie but you mentioned it :-(