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Topic: FREE VANISH SPECIAL EDITION - A Tribute to Mark Wilson
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Jan 23, 2021 02:57PM)
Hey gang,

Listen up!

In 2013 [i]VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE[/i] did a two part series on Mark and Nani Wilson. They had full access to the warehouse and over 8 hours of talking to them. This was all edited down in to two editions.
As a tribute to [b]Mark Wilson[/b] the gang at VANISH have put just the stories and photos together in one special edition and are offering it for [i]FREE[/i] to the entire magic community!
[b]Nick Lewin[/b] and [b]Chipper Lowell[/b] spent a lot of time working on this back in 2013 and we feel it is a fitting tribute to one of the pioneers of our business.

If you are a subscriber to VANISH you will already have access - but, if you are not and would like to get a [i]FREE[/i]copy please email [b]Paul Romhany[/b] directly at: editor@vanishmagazine.com and he will personally send you a digital copy.



Message: Posted by: Dave Le Fevre (Feb 14, 2021 02:18AM)
That e-mail address (editor@vanishmagazine.com) fails???
Message: Posted by: Daniel A. Day II (Feb 14, 2021 07:35PM)
Yeah, it didnít work for me either.