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Topic: Aloha from Hawaii!
Message: Posted by: CUBERT808 (Jan 28, 2021 04:36PM)
Started learning some magic for my granddaughter and now I'm hooked. I have narrowed my interest to coin (money) magic. Thanks for all the posts, really very helpful.
Message: Posted by: JonHackl (Jan 28, 2021 06:26PM)
Welcome! That's a great audience!
Message: Posted by: davidpaul$ (Feb 23, 2021 07:06AM)
Growing up as young boy I always remembered my Dad doing magic for family. Nothing fancy, just simple stuff. Then after a medical procedure went wrong he wound up in intensive care for a month.
He recovered and they sent him home. I found a local magic shop and bought a few tricks for him to occupy him in his recovery. WELL after learning those tricks to show my Dad, I got HOOKED B I G - T I M E

That was in May of 1995. I haven't stopped. Your story about your daughter sparked that significant
memory. Welcome!!!!

Btw what island do you live on. Visited several many times. My favorite is Kauai.