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Topic: Is there a 'Princess Card' Deck?
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Jan 31, 2021 03:51PM)
I'm looking for a dual faced deck. If you spread the face-up deck to (for example) the left you see cards in random/mixed order, but if you spread it the cards to the right you will see new deck order. At first, I was thinking of faces split directly down the middle, each side showing a different value, but a deck a la the Monte Cristo Deck that is done with random indices rather than indices of the same card would surely work as well.

If you are familiar with "The Knock Out Deck," it uses the same principle, but doesn't allow for going from mixed to new deck order.

Also along the lines of 'The Princess Card Trick' but with a full deck. I've seen individual cards like this included in various gaffed decks you can buy, but would love a full deck version. Is a deck like this available commercially that you are aware of?
Message: Posted by: Open up your mind (Feb 20, 2021 06:04PM)
There are decks that use this principle but none that use this principle in that way.
Message: Posted by: Mercury52 (Feb 22, 2021 02:19PM)
Unshuffled by Anton James is set up like this, with the main purpose being a shuffled deck that instantly changes to new deck order.
Message: Posted by: videoman (Mar 5, 2021 05:47PM)
Unshuffled went on sale a couple years back so I bought a couple to have on hand for other uses.
Unfortunately they can be difficult to find now.
Post a wanted ad in buy/sell and check eBay occasionally.

Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Mar 13, 2021 09:45PM)
Thanks - I should have posted that I did find an excellent solution in The OCD Deck. Will definitely keep Unshuffled in mind for future, though. Many thanks!