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Topic: Flash Cash 2.0 - a question I have
Message: Posted by: VE Day (Feb 5, 2021 08:56AM)
People have been moaning about how shiny the Euro banknotes are that appear when Flash Cash 2.0 is performed. The bills might shine if a light is shon on them the marketing material says. However it looks to me to be a YouTube/Zoom type effect anyway as I can't see anyone in their right mind making all that money appear in front of people at a proper live gig as you would just get mugged on the way home more than likely.
It looks good for a YouTube/Zoom call effect, but this means you are more than likely going to have bright lights shining if you are videoing to a decent quality for a broadcast performance.

Anyway the question I have please is there any reason why I couldn't spray those bills with a dull coat or some sort of spray to take the shine off them, a bit like that roughing fluid stuff is supposed to do?
But I wouldn't want to bugger it up by spraying it with the stuff if it effects its working.

Also if it has been sprayed with that then surely that means the hidden bills will be less likely to slide and reveal in your hands when they are not supposed to.

Just a question and a few thoughts from me.

Hope you don't mind me asking please
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Feb 24, 2021 08:34AM)
Qusestions is what we are here for. Don't know anything about the plastic bills in other countries, but as for shine, just use Fanning Power for playing cards.

Apply with a power puff, sparingly in circular motions. That will should take the shine off, and let you spread the bills nicely. After applying, Fanning Powder is not noticeable.

With any liquid you could spoil the bills, and may damage the currency.

If the currency is suppose to shine, then removing it, onlookers may think it is not real money, setting up yourself to explain or prove they are real money.