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Topic: Bottom Ridge Shells!
Message: Posted by: iamslow (Feb 8, 2021 01:37AM)
Hello, I just wanted to share a video of the 3 shell game using the awesome bottom ridge shells from 3 shell al... I was goofing around on omegle and ran into a youtuber, I didn't realize he would post the vid, but a friend notified me...its around halfway if you wanna skip the card tricks... thanks :snail:

Message: Posted by: Zauberman (Feb 9, 2021 09:07AM)
Great, thanx for posting. Enjoyed watching both of you. And the bottom ridge demo is cool.
Message: Posted by: iamslow (Feb 12, 2021 10:11PM)
Heres another video I found myself in using the BRS shells on another famous youtubers channel.... fast forward to the 6:30 mark if you don't want to see the other stuff...

Message: Posted by: ringmaster (Mar 9, 2021 07:21PM)
Does anyone seem to notice the ridge ?
They just don't look natural to me.
but then, I guess brass walnut shells aren't really all that natural either.
Message: Posted by: shellgame-al (Mar 21, 2021 12:45AM)
[quote]On Mar 9, 2021, ringmaster wrote:
Does anyone seem to notice the ridge ?
They just don't look natural to me.
but then, I guess brass walnut shells aren't really all that natural either. [/quote]

I came up with the Bottom Ridge type shell to take out all the clues, rules, and nothing to hide in the game.

This was for the player to feel they had a fair chance at winning. Now you have the con without any use of shill's

It is not the player that is uncomfortable with this type of shell.
Because it is a fair shell. The only thing that is unfair, is the shell operator and they can fully examine everything at any time without switching anything out.

You can play fair to set up the con and at any time you can play unfair when you choose to for the win. You have full control. (Not a self-working trick that the player could do.)

The ridge on the bottom of the shell does not hold or hide the ball in the shell.

The ridged bottom works like a ramp where it slides under the pea so the pea can continue its travel path inside the shell.

Unlike the classic type shell, the soft pea has a travel path inside the shell that always comes to a dead-end whenever the shell is moved with the pea and you are forced to take the pea.

To answer the question; " Does anyone seem to notice the ridge? " Yes, the player does! They can see it is a fair shell to have a chance at winning. This brings the Con.

The only ones that I have found that feel the ridge bottom doesn't look natural are some magicians because it looks different than what they are using and the handling is different.

The inside of a real walnut does have a thin ridge bottom between the two halves of the shells to hold the nut in place.

But, you need to feel good about what you are working with, so the BRS is most likely not for you.

There is another way to have all the added features that the bottom ridged shell brings without the ridged bottom.

All of my classic type shells at 3shells.com can also work with a cork ball where you can play fair and unfair at any time.

The cork ball shells are showing a strong comeback. This is how the shell game was originally played, with a cork ball. The handling is the same handling as with the BRS.

My personal preference is; If working with a soft pea, I like the Bottom ridge shell.

If working with a cork ball, I like my Classic-type shells.

Both types of shells bring full control with nothing to hide.

But, these are not self-working-type shells.

Best regards