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Topic: Ace Magic Studio
Message: Posted by: psychod (Feb 9, 2021 10:52AM)
I know that the Café often seems to be a place to rant about products, dealers, other members, etc. so today I want to share a much more positive note. A couple of weeks ago, I purchased four items from Ace Magic Studio. When I opened the package yesterday, I was a little surprised to see only three items. I figured that the other item must be oddly shaped so it was being sent separately. I did send an email yesterday to Ace just to check. I was pleasantly surprised this morning to have an e-mail from them indicating that they had sent all four items together but that somewhere along the line, someone helped themselves to one of the items and that because of that, they were sending me the item right away. I was very pleased by this positive, quick response. I think it's important that as Café members, we call out others when they do something good!

Kudos to Ace Magic Studio and keep up the great work!