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Topic: MB's new website!
Message: Posted by: mindhunter (Feb 14, 2021 12:20PM)
With me taking a couple decade hiatus from close-up to focus on my mentalism, my getting back into close-up has me digging out a lot of my old Morgans and other related doubloons. I've struck up some great convos with Marion Boykin, and he has been SO helpful to me regarding something I've been working on.

After catching you with about 20 years of NON Penny & Inner Thoughts posts, I see he has been engaging and helpful with many here at the Cafť. I also see he has started his own website where he offers some of his incredible effects, and want to post this unsolicited "shout-out" and plug, in case you haven't seen it:


Message: Posted by: fonda57 (Feb 16, 2021 11:45PM)
His site looks really cool and fun. I am a subscriber.
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Feb 26, 2021 05:44AM)
Thanks fellas. 😊

Iím glad folks are enjoying the new website and checking out my work there. Iíve posted a few new things and of course all the coin magic is there nicely laid out and easy to quickly download & begin enjoying. 😁

Appreciate you starting this post, Mindhunter, and those of you that donít know, he is a fantastic mentalist with some creatively wonderful works of his own. That he is now dabbling back into coin magic, and has checked out my work as a viable way is humbling. Just shows the many ways to take part in the art, something to meet every interest whenever your interest might change directions. Over the past strange year for us all, I actually took the quarantined opportunity to practice more with cards. Itís a part of magic Iíve always had some interest in but rarely gave it the disciplined practice it deserved. But now I have become somewhat proficient, suring-up the basics and getting a bit of the intermediate stuff down fairly well too. Iíll tellíya, practice really does work with just about anything. 😁 Anyway, it has helped to make a decent-at-best coin guy like myself, look like a fairly good looking card man as well, and a more well rounded closeup presenter.

Now, I still love the coins but itís nice to be better able to handle a deck of cards as well. 😉 And as such, I have posted a few of my musings with cards, incorporating my ďless is moreĒ thinking to come up with easier approaches to it, or what I call, ďGood card tricks for coin coin guys.Ē 😁

Iím glad Bryn posted this and shared his own journey, as it makes me reflect here on my own cauldron of magical twists & turns. Always nice to come back home, but the trips to new lands are always exciting as well. So, I not only invite you to [b]visit & subscribe[/b] to to my new house, but you should also check out Mindhunterís homesteads as well, an incredibly talented and really good guy. 😊