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Topic: Dai Vernonís Personal Coin Gimmick!!
Message: Posted by: Nathan Kranzo (Feb 14, 2021 02:52PM)

I canít for the life of me figure out how to upload the photo but you should definitely see the pictures of this coin Gimmick because itís quite beautiful.
Email me if you are interested Nathankranzo@gmail.com

A copper wheat penny changes into a king George English penny

These gimmicks were acquired from the most recent Potter and Potter auction. this is Dai Vernonís personal 1948 ďWheat penny to English pennyď folding coin. This is a gorgeous piece of work. The cuts on the folding coin are very beautiful and unique.

The actual Gimmick is in perfect condition.

This Gimmick was originally owned and used by Dai Vernon.

You will be mailed a copy of the letter of provenance, stating that David Ben purchased these from Dai Vernonís son....as you can see in the accompanying letter in the last photo. :)