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Topic: Does Anyone Know This Trick?
Message: Posted by: LeahG (Feb 15, 2021 02:56PM)
Hi Everyone!

I recently saw a video of a routine online but I canít find it again! If any of you lovely people could help me track it down so I can purchase the effect I would be very grateful.

The video I saw had two spectators over zoom (each with their own deck of cards) they both shuffle their cards until they end up with 3 left, they pick a card and their chosen matches the magicians prediction. I believe it may have been Vanishing Inc I saw it on but cannot find it

Also if anyone has any card tricks that work over zoom with a spectators own deck and would be willing to share the name/where to buy the effect, I would very much appreciate it.
Message: Posted by: DerekG (Feb 17, 2021 04:40PM)
I don't know the trick you're talking about, but The Amazing Randi fooled the pocket protectors off of everyone at NASA by having an astronaut on the ISS shuffle a deck of cards and blindly pick one card and reverse it in the deck as he did the same. He then had the astronaut reveal his reversed card before revealing that the same card was reversed in his deck. I didn't see the trick, only heard him describe it in an interview, so I can only be 99.9% certain he achieved this using an Invisible/Ultra Mental Deck... but I am 100% certain you can use that method to accomplish the same effect over Zoom, in person, or on the ISS. Shouldn't be hard to find one at basically any magic shop online.
Message: Posted by: Drylid (Feb 18, 2021 09:43PM)
There is a trick that is similar called virtual triumph, but it doesn't use 3 cards, it uses the 4 aces.