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Topic: Alan Rorrison Customer Service
Message: Posted by: MagicBrent (Feb 16, 2021 10:52PM)
It is difficult for me to write this because I believe in our craft and supporting creative artists such as Alan. I have bought multiple effects through the years and have always found him to be engaging and a standup guy. Unfortunately over the last year, I bought from him directly his effect called Psykik for $100. I donít have to tell you how much that amount of money is given our economy and Covid. I live in the USA. He says he sent it to me and while I have no reason to doubt him, I never received it. I have left multiple emails over the last year, always polite, asking to please complete the shipment or offer me a refund. I realize there are a lot of scammers out there and thatís why I requested a tracking sticker so he can know Iím legit. Is there anyone that can pass this on to him. Iím sure heís busy traveling as he has put out some incredible releases this year. Again, I have been hesitant to speak up because Iím an honorable man and not a troll or hater as is so often seen here on the Cafť. That being said 100 bucks is a lot. If you know Alan, please pass on my sentiments. Again, Iím patient and just want resolution, not an argument. Best, MagicBrent
Message: Posted by: John C (Feb 18, 2021 01:04PM)
Personally I wouldnít have left a note here but I would have sent him a note stating, hey man if I donít hear from you one way or another I will be sure to leave a mention in the magic Cafť.

I ordered a pdf planner a few weeks back never got it emailed the guy a few times and then he sent me request to leave a review on his website??

I mentioned I would leave a review but it may not be what he expects and he sent it right away.
Message: Posted by: MagicBrent (Feb 18, 2021 07:27PM)
Iíve sent multiple emails over the last year. This is not a rash decision to come here as I do not want drama and conflict. Just resolution.
Message: Posted by: Doric (Feb 19, 2021 05:31PM)
The mail system is very slow at the moment. Give it more time.
Message: Posted by: videoman (Feb 19, 2021 09:49PM)
[quote]On Feb 19, 2021, Doric wrote:
The mail system is very slow at the moment. Give it more time. [/quote]

Are you kidding? It sounds like itís been the better part of a year. What part of ďI have left multiple emails over the last yearĒ don't you understand? What did Alan do...put it in a bottle and throw it in the ocean?

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but letís be honest here, assuming that you have his correct contact info then Alan isnít too busy, thatís just something youíd like to believe so you can avoid the truth. And the unfortunate truth is heís simply ignoring you and hoping you go away, and taking advantage of the fact that most people are indeed honorable and not haters or trolls. Plus, magicians in particular seem to be extremely willing to suspend disbelief and accept that creators they admire and respect are simply too ďbusyĒ to take 60 seconds to reply to a customer who has paid them $100 of their hard earned money.

If he sent it and didnít get a tracking number then that is on him. He opted to save money on shipping and not get a tracking number. Although Iím not sure that is even possible if shipping internationally.

Is it too late to start either a PayPal or credit card dispute?
Message: Posted by: Tom G (Feb 20, 2021 08:16AM)
Never let someone string you along past the Paypal date to file a complaint. On the couple of occasions I haven't received something, at about 15 days out, I send an email saying a Paypal dispute will be started if the product isn't received, two weeks should get it there, overseas would need different timing. Keep a copy of your email for the PPal dispute and you should be covered.
Message: Posted by: MagicBrent (Feb 20, 2021 09:27AM)
Thank you Videoman for validating my thoughts. Iím still hopeful that Alan will read this and honor the order. Iíd be happy to resolve this and acknowledge closure on here.