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Topic: Simon Lovell - Simon said IT! & Ask Simey! Index by Issue
Message: Posted by: mantel (Feb 17, 2021 08:13PM)
[b]Simon said IT! Index By Issue[/b]

2. sounds off on magic and the internet

3. sounds off on video versus reading

4. Flourishes: magic or juggling?

5. What’s more important: the magician or the trick?

6. Why do people become magicians?

7. a guided tour of the IBM/SAM Dealer room, with unexpected results

8. Abuse the audience; lose the audience.

9. Combining comedy and magic

10. Cheap business cards

11. hates the way you dress on stage

12. How magicians do — and do not — connect with audiences

13. One of the flock or the lead sheep?

14. Perfectly — or not at all

16. rants about disappearing magic shops

17. "You whiny complainers!"

18. "It's time for magic to grow up!"

19. "Are magic clubs good for magic?"

[b]Ask Simey! Index By Issue[/b]

25. bizarre magic.

26. the worst/best Christmas story EVER!

27. how to keep your hands moist

28. "In what order should I put my tricks?"

29. "What's better in the real world, a complicated or simple trick?"

30. "why do we need brick & mortar magic shops?

31. "Can I make a living doing just close-up magic?"

32. "What's your advice for beginners in magic?"

33. "What do you think about performing mentalism?"

34. from Magi-Fest

35. views on using profanity in your act
Message: Posted by: gaddy (Feb 18, 2021 03:55PM)
Thanks for these indexes, mate!