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Topic: The March 2021 Issue of Genii is Here
Message: Posted by: Richard Kaufman (Feb 20, 2021 11:32AM)

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This month we dig into a mystery. Jamy Ian Swiss returns to Genii for an investigation into a demonstration that took place in the basement of a house in Brooklyn in the 1940s, where the so-called Phantom at the Card Table, Walter Scott, bamboozled a bunch of the smartest guys in our field. How? Why? And where was Dai Vernon? I’m sure you’ll find this tale of magicians, con men, and sleight of hand fascinating.

* David Regal’s second “Material Concessions” column pops up this month, and a bill flies through the dark.
* John Bannon brings his style to bear on Bro. Hamman’s “Magic Cards.”
* Jon Racherbaumer exhumes; Hannibal reflects; Lambert looks ahead; Ward examines.
* Chloe Olewitz looks around for the latest news; Jonathan Friedman brings you three tricks in “Magicana.” The talented pro magician Ryan Plunkett of Chicago joins our rotating staff of reviewers this month—he’ll be dealing with tricks. Also this issue, Nathan Coe Marsh reviews videos and Elliott Terral reviews books.

We also have full obituaries for Siegfried Fischbacher, Mark Wilson, David Roth, Bev Bergeron, and Joe Porper.