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Topic: What is the name of this technique?
Message: Posted by: Schlawiner (Feb 24, 2021 01:12PM)
When I was trying to learn the DPS (Diagonal Palm Shift), I always had the problem that it was possible to see my hand movement and I couldn't do it invisible. So I thought about other techniques how I can achieve the same thing (getting the card to the bottom) and I came up with the following technique. However, I'm pretty sure that others also already found the same technique, so I would just be interested on the name of the technique or in which books the technique is described.

I fan out the cards and let a spectator choose a card. I put the cards back to a pack in my left hand.

Spectator choosen card goes in the middle of the deck with a similar action as with the diagonal palm shift. Right Forefinger pushes die card sidewise in and with the left thumb I'm pushing it deeper as it slides on the left side of the card pack. My right hand holds the card pack (thumb at the side near to me, fingers on the other side; hand palm down), the choosen card is therefore sticking out at the right bottom of the pack, but the right hand covers this.

Now I make a short pause and say that the card is lost.

Then I fan out the cards again by holding the cards in my left hand (thumb on top, other fingers at the bottom) and I'm faning it with my right hand. The fanned out cards basically cover the specator choosen card. The specator choosen card is in a similar position as in a cull - just crosswise. Then I take 3 or 4 cards in my left hand (the other cards are hold by the right hand while still fanned out) and say "You could have taken any card, for example this card" while I'm pointing with the left cards on some card in the right pack. Then I take more cards in the left hand and repeat : "or this card"... and so on.
Until I take with my left hand all the cards below the specator choosen card. This is simple to do, because the forefinger of my right hand holds the spectator choosen card and the spectator choosen card is crosswise, which means the card holds all other cards above it. Then I say something like "and you could had put it anywhere in the deck, for example here" while I point with the cards in my left hand to the middle of the pack hold in my right hand.

Then I square up all the cards again by inserting the left hand cards (which are still fanned out in the left hand), back to the cards in the right hand. by pushing the two card packs together (left hand pushes a little bit upwards and the right hand downwards), it's simple to bring the specator choosen card to the bottom of the pack. Then I square the whole deck and the spectator choosen card is at the bottom.

Question: Is this technique already known (I guess so) and what's the name of it? Do you think this technique is too obvious to spectators? In my opinion it's a simple technique for beginners because it doesn't contain a move which can be seen by a spectator. It's just important to don't screw up the fan which covers the card.
Message: Posted by: HofzinsersFan (Mar 30, 2021 12:27AM)
Can you possibly record a short clip of you doing this, or part of it, or even explaining it?
Message: Posted by: Frank Yuen (Mar 30, 2021 03:38AM)
I think you mean that you spread the cards between your two hands. Your use of the word "fan" confused me. It sort of sounds like you are doing Juan Tamariz's Perpendicular Control.