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Topic: Kainoa Hardbottle - Coin U! Index By Issue
Message: Posted by: mantel (Mar 7, 2021 12:36AM)
[b]Kainoa Hardbottle - Coin U! Index By Issue[/b]

30. 3 versions of the retention vanish

31. be present with his coin flurry

32. steal like an artist

33. 4th dimension and performs what he calls, "an easy coin routine." Explanation included!

34. "Patter" [Conjurer Dick]

36. "Visual Dictionary of Architecture" and how it relates to magic

37. A Whack on the Side of the Head helped him get creative with a coin move

39. importance of keeping a messy notebook and teaches us a vanish from his

40. growth of magical thought and what it tells us about making a coin appear

41. De Manche Change from “The Modern Conjurer”

42. structure of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, Chanoyu, relates to the art of magic

44. importance of asking questions

45. practical impracticality of producing coins

46. beauty of complexity in your routines

47. revisits the Japanese Tea Ceremony and shares how its choreography can be translated into a coin vanish

48. “Art of War” and how you can apply strategy in your coin magic

49. common fallacy of bifurcation and how to keep it from limiting your creative choices

52. doing something you don’t like doing - like reading poetry - can actually be beneficial

53. desire to be unique can often lead to conformity and how magicians can break the mold