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Topic: Review: The Three Types Luke Jermay Q&A Routine
Message: Posted by: Stunninger (Mar 8, 2021 07:53PM)
This release has been out for many years, but I only recently purchased it. I'd been considering it for a while, and it was Marc Paul's endorsement that eventually convinced me to buy it.

The Three Types: A Professional Q&A Routine by Luke Jermay is a 44 page PDF from Vanishing Magic. While the routine is billed as a "Q&A" effect, the audience doesn't ask questions and the mind reader doesn't answer questions. It really is more of an audience reading effect, with the mind reader revealing details about people in the audience that seem impossible for him to know.

This really is an excellent routine. The concept, the scripting, the many subtleties and multiple methods at play layered for deception make this a powerhouse effect. Luke says he keeps a stack of the cards required and supply of golf pencils in a small plastic bag in his performance case so he is ready to perform The Three Types at a moment's notice.

This book was written in 2011, ten years ago. I have two of Luke's DVD sets released since then (Jermay's Mind and Premise and Premonition), and I do believe he has evolved his approach to Q&A-themed effects considerably since The Three Types came out. I'm not being critical of this routine. It is excellent. However, my opinion is Luke has developed and released even better approaches in the 11 years since this routine was first published.

The Three Types routine does require the performer to be able to quickly memorize multiple pieces of information in the heat of performance, and do so several times during the routine. This poses a real challenge for me, as my short term memory under pressure is not great. One piece of information, such as a drawing or a single word or short phrase I am okay with. But trying to recall multiple pieces of information I just looked at is a real struggle. This routine, the way it is designed, would not work well for me, mainly due to the memory requirement. There are other approaches to the Q&A-themed effect that allow the performer real-time access to the information, which are better suited for me. Others with a better short-term memory will find likely find The Three Types to be a real gem.
Message: Posted by: 252life (May 30, 2021 05:24PM)
Thanks very much. I also just came across this and you answered every question I had with that post. Much appreciated.
Message: Posted by: John C (Jun 2, 2021 01:57PM)
As far as memorizing multiple pieces of info in the heat of the moment yes I am challenged. I always find a way to sort of double write. Basically think of some way of having to write something but really writing something else. We all take notes.
Message: Posted by: Stunninger (Jun 19, 2021 06:57AM)
[quote]On May 30, 2021, 252life wrote:
Thanks very much. I also just came across this and you answered every question I had with that post. Much appreciated. [/quote]

252, my pleasure! Glad you found it helpful.