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Message: Posted by: KOTAH (Mar 18, 2021 10:13AM)

In life as in death, one thing I've come to know.
Good friends it seems, by threes they come. and by threes they also go.

Symantics and match stick memories

Three on a match, a brief glimmer of light,

caught in Death's sniper sight, Just long enough to take you out.
Matchstick men, I remember them, and the light they shared.

Larry White
Eugene Poinc
Ed Soloman

Roger Marchese
Rufus Claude Buff
Dale Bradford Hearn

Jack Steck
Frank Olkowski
Joe Van Hart

In my memory. their flame still brightly burns.

Like the Phoenix, each soul rises and returns.

Message: Posted by: Lo Pan (Mar 28, 2021 02:01AM)
Beautiful - thank you Kotah