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Topic: Card/coin storage drawer cabinet or jewelry box?
Message: Posted by: karnak (Mar 26, 2021 05:00PM)
I would like to find some sort of jewelry, tool, or other small drawer chest just for holding cards and coins. It only needs two drawers.

Both drawers need to be sufficiently deep (meaning their interiors’ vertical top-to-bottom) to store lots of both decks and packets (in their thin little “wallets”) standing upright, so at least 4.5” deep. Coin tricks I typically store in egg cartons (lids removed), so an easy fit within that 4.5” depth requirement.

To be adequate for the size of my modest collection, these drawers’ horizontal interior dimensions would need to be at least 20” wide, and 12” front-to-back. (Egg cartons are nearly a foot long.)

The unit should be made of wood, or a similarly “classy” (suitable for living room) material, as opposed to a plastic item better suited for garage or basement. (But if necessary, that may be flexible.)

Seems simple enough, yet hard to find. Has anyone located a source for something like this? (Do I need to seek out a custom cabinetmaker, for so modest an item?)
Message: Posted by: David Eichler (Mar 26, 2021 06:20PM)
While not exactly the specs you are seeking, have a look at a machinists tool chest. For example https://gerstnerusa.com/products/

I use one that I bought secondhand (eBay, Facebook marketplace are good options for finding a used one) and it holds a good number of decks and coins.

Message: Posted by: karnak (Mar 27, 2021 09:37AM)
Some of those cost far more than the total value of my entire magic collection...!
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Mar 27, 2021 02:29PM)
Some times you can find drawer cabinets in craft stores like Michaels. Also, if you have a "container store" in your area, they have lots of choice for storage.

Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Apr 9, 2021 04:01AM)
I was just in the local "Dollar Store", they have a nice large drawer cabinet in the storage items area of the store.
Message: Posted by: Koolmagic114 (Jan 16, 2022 09:53AM)
Sadly all my stuff is in a HIGE tote all thrown in.. I would need one of those $800 car mechanics (red) tool chest.. LOL.. dang crazy amount of coin stuff I have..
Message: Posted by: Cleverpaws (Jan 18, 2022 08:23PM)
I would be happy to make you something. If you can send me the interior sizes needed for the drawer width, front to back and height (you've specified at 4.1/2"). Also any dividers needed.