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Topic: Sleight of hand with any object
Message: Posted by: JJF (Mar 27, 2021 05:43PM)
Are there any good sleight of hand tricks that can be done with any small object, not just a coin or a prop.
Message: Posted by: funsway (Mar 27, 2021 07:04PM)
Yes. Most of my life I have preferred performed magic effects with ordinary "found" objects like nuts, stones, candy, nuts/bots, etc.
The essential sleights are the same, but the handling, framing and scripting must vary accordingly.
Message: Posted by: Mr. Woolery (Mar 27, 2021 09:36PM)
A whole lot of basic sleight of hand can be done with almost anything that fits. A French Drop lets you vanish a penny, a rock, a small ball, a folded pocketknife, a peach pit, a grape, a wad of used chewing gum, or a house key. But the magic books normally show it with a coin. Same move, same effect, many objects will fit.

As long as a technique does not depend on characteristics unique to the object you are handling (some coin sleights do require round, flat items, but many do not), you can use the principles however you like.

Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Mar 28, 2021 12:34AM)
If you will learn a few simple sleights with golf balls, you will find that there are many similar-sized objects they will work with. Also, learn simple sleights with coins, for he same reason.
Message: Posted by: magicalaurie (Mar 28, 2021 02:00PM)
Yes. That's the idea, I think. Good start, thinking "outside the box". Nice to see. :) What resources do you have (books, etc)? You can experiment with what you've got.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Apr 24, 2021 10:31PM)
Find four or five random objects that are small enough to fit in your closed fist. Place them on a table in front of you. Look at each object and decids what it resembles most -- a coin, a ball or a short stick. Any smallish, flat object can be vanished or produced using coin techniques. Any small,roundish object can be manipulated using golf ball or billiard ball moves. Any short stick can be manipulated with cigarette or knife moves.
Message: Posted by: funsway (Apr 25, 2021 03:36AM)
[quote]On Apr 24, 2021, Bill Palmer wrote:
Any short stick can be manipulated with cigarette or knife moves. [/quote]

Some restaurants like Shoney's has small packs of crayons for kids - about the size of cigarette.

Manh possibilities, especially since you can get box ahead of time and appear impromptu later.