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Topic: The Complete Al Leech book
Message: Posted by: darren-uk (Mar 29, 2021 04:14PM)
Apologies for starting another thread about the Complete Al Leech book, but as far as I can see, this particular question wasn't answered all those years ago! Does this book contain all the individual card booklets he released, please? I've messaged the gentleman responsible for producing the book but there's been no reply. Very many thanks in advance. Stay safe. :nuggetred: :nuggetblue:
Message: Posted by: Hondo88 (Mar 30, 2021 09:00AM)
From the Index of Publications in the back of the book, this is what is included in the book:
Don't look now (1948) - 1 trick
For Card Men Only (1949) - 16 tricks
The Hot Card Tricks (1950s) - 3 tricks
Manipulating with Leech (1952) - 20 items
Card Man Stuff (1953) - 15 tricks
Handbook of Card Sleights (1954) - 21 items - controls, passes, etc
Cardmanship (1959) - 17 tricks
Super Card Man Stuff (1965) - 25 tricks
Al Leech's Legacy (1980) - 38 items

I don't believe this is all of his work but it is a great book that covers a lot. You won't be disappointed.

Magic Inc in Chicago used to sell a DVD of Al Leech Lecture Notes by Danny Rudnick that included tricks of Leech's in sets. There are 4 sets of tricks presented, all from the book. It's a good companion to the book if you can find it.
Message: Posted by: darren-uk (Mar 31, 2021 04:53PM)
Thank you so much for the information. :nuggetred: :nuggetblue:
Message: Posted by: magojose| (Apr 2, 2021 09:02PM)
On the Magic Inc package of his single books you don’t have a little book called “A Last Look at Leech” wich was produced by Anthony Brahams.