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Topic: Mono-Hexa Playing Cards (a Magic Portal review)
Message: Posted by: canaday (Mar 31, 2021 12:54PM)
Mono-Hexa Playing Cards

The Hype:
Designed by Luke Wadey and this high energy deck uses a suite of neon purple inks, and is designed with the cardist in mind, whilst still keeping a 2-way back design and remaining playable and usable for all.
4th deck in Mono series
Printed by USPCC
Limited to 2500 units
Premium Bee stock, crushed, traditionally cut, air cushion finish
56 fully custom cards including 2 Jokers, a double backer and an ad card
Printed in neon purple Pantone ink
Fully custom tuck
The collection continues with a highly visual design using the recognizable Mono pattern, this time creating a hexagon with negative space - a focal point during your packet cuts, whilst the semi-border, full bleed design gives your fans the impact they deserve.

Faces are set up in shades of purple yet still easy to differentiate between, whilst being marked for suit - not for function, but as an interest aesthetic so those faces fans enjoy a dash of color! The markings on the face are designed to sit exactly where the lines on the card back run which gives beautiful color blocking however you stack the deck. Modified standard courts bring familiarity with the Mono twist we have come to expect from the series.

The deck is a sure fire hit for carditsry, watch your flourishes come to life as the optical illusion of lines move effortlessly, and once more the Mono decks work together, as two tucks pushed together form a completed hexagonal pattern.

Designed by Luke Wadey

My Take:
This is one nice deck! I see so many new decks, it really takes something special to catch my attention. This one did.

I was not familiar with Luke Wadey but a quick search brought me to his site. https://lukewadey.co.uk/collections/all Taking a look at his different decks showed me what a creative guy he is. Too many new decks really offer nothing new. The same faces and maybe a new design on the back. Lukey designs his decks from top to bottom. The Mono-Hexa deck uses no red at all on the faces. All of the red suits are just printed in a lighter shade of purple. Each of the suits has white lines through each of the pips on display. Most of the other decks are available through your local Murphy's dealer. I particularly like the ARW deck which has been inspired by the graphics on street signs.

Although my review deck is the purple Mono-Hexa there are four other Mono decks available. Blue, red, chrome and black and white printed with Pantone inks. Each features designs using different shades of one color. Each deck is printed on crushed premium Bee stock with air cushion finish. You also receive a double backer with each deck.

As the ad copy says, these are designed with the cardist in mind. Of course, they can be used for traditional card magic but fans and spreads are where they really shine. And something I don't usually see. There is a small design also on the face so either way the cards are spread, face up or face down, you get a beautiful display. If you do flourishes, this will definitely add a new look to those fancy cuts you love.

One last thing. Each of the decks Luke designs are limited to 2500 decks and will not be reprinted so if you are a card star or a collector there is something here for you.

For once, I am heartily recommending a new deck. I hate using such an antiquated phrase but these are really cool. You will not be disappointed.