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Topic: Square circle - plumbing theme
Message: Posted by: MagicMatthews (Apr 4, 2021 06:02AM)
We have a kids show in a few months with a building and construction theme, so I had the idea of making a square circle out of drain pipes.

The outer box is a piece of channel drain, and the tube is a piece of PVC storm-water pipe. I have deliberately not decorated the pipe, to make it look simply like a couple of pieces of drainage parts.


The routine I am considering would have the following premise: A builder/homeowner is having trouble with their drains being blocked, but looking right through the drain and the pipe, they can't seem to find the blockage. Then of course, out come a whole bunch of things that would explain the blockage. e.g. some silks, a tennis ball, a stuffed animal, a few small rubber ducks (anything that could perhaps block a drain). It is then shown empty again, showing that the blockage must be clear, meaning water should be able to now flow, and finally a bottle of drinking water is revealed.

One question I have is regarding a base. Most square-circle illusions come with a base to put the apparatus on. I understand how this can help as a reason for putting the box over the tube before taking the tube out again to show it empty, as well as separating it from the table. However, I'm wondering whether a base would seem out of place with this apparatus. I'm thinking to leave it as it is.

Secondly, the top of the B**** A** tube can be seen from anywhere greater than a 10 degree elevation above the channel drain. I'm wondering whether I need to cut the tube shorter, or just make sure I always perform this at or above eye level.

Any thoughts?

Thanks Stephen
Message: Posted by: Russo (Apr 4, 2021 08:05PM)
???????/ could you also work in a "plunger" to get rid of items / or as a magic(?) wand ???? or ?????? just a thought. Please not as a hat for a kids head.
Message: Posted by: MagicMatthews (Apr 4, 2021 08:25PM)
Russo... I love the plunger idea! I have to work this in somehow! Thanks for the suggestion.