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Topic: White paint on "aged" bizarre props
Message: Posted by: Damian1031 (Apr 4, 2021 05:33PM)
Perhaps this has been discussed elsewhere - but am I the only one who completely hates the weird white spray-painted stuff that creators put on "aged" products?

So many really cool pieces look ridiculous because of it - Does anyone here know how I might remove it from my props?

A great example is my Inquisitor box. I love the thing. It looks really great - except for the completely useless white spray-painted stuff on it. This does not help with making it look old - it just makes it look fake - Anytime I have shown these props to someone they always point it out and say it looks like a cheap prop you would get at a Halloween store

If anyone knows a way I could remove it (sandpaper maybe?) - I would appreciate the help - I think without it, the props would like a million times better
Message: Posted by: topherhester (Apr 4, 2021 08:19PM)
Would be tough without sanding and refinishing. If itís the speckles that are like the ones on my Hobbs box, you may get some of the larger ones off with a razor blade. Iíve been tempted to sand mine down and then redo it but never got around to it.
Message: Posted by: Damian1031 (Apr 4, 2021 08:29PM)
Thanks for the tip - I might try the razorblade idea.
Message: Posted by: Winks (Apr 5, 2021 01:20AM)
Use oven cleaner to take the paint off.