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Topic: Magician interacting with film screen
Message: Posted by: mrbungle (Apr 9, 2021 03:05AM)
Hello Everyone..

Long time ago I saw a clip of a magician that was interacting with a film screen/projection on stage.
It was not David Copperfield in his 1979 special, but before that. I guess 60s, 70s.

It was an act with a sort of genie in the bottle type of effect and he interacted with himself on the screen, threw things over the screen to his other self, ect.

I have been looking and looking, but did not find anything.

Does anyone have any idea who I am talking about?

A name would be highly appreciated.

Or anything else that deals with the concept of stage magic with a projection screen, but not Iphone/Ipad stuff, just a big old screen on stage!

Highly appreciated!