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Topic: Review + unboxing video: Solid by Lotusinhand
Message: Posted by: Gavin.Wong (Apr 21, 2021 05:08PM)
This is the first time I've handled a Lotusinhand deck but ooooh boy what a deck! Limited to 1001 decks, Solid by Lotusinhand comes in a minimalistic black tuck with a small holographic strip on the front. The real story here is the holographic back design which looks absolutely stunning in any light! Shades of every color imaginable can be seen as you spread through the cards depending on the angle of your light source. However, the faces are all standard faces/pips with black and white colorless court cards that leave much more to be desired. The cards themselves feel great and broken-in right out of the box. Printed in Taiwan by Dex Playing Card Co, they fan and spring amazingly with no complaints. Link to the full unboxing video so you can see these cards in action: