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Topic: An Idea.
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Apr 24, 2021 12:36PM)
K, K, K.

Now, either you're one if the 51% who is going to say:
"Buddy, you've said some,...STUPID THINGS BEFORE(!),
but THIS is the proof-in-the-poop."

Or,..one of the 37% who is snyding:
"Buddy, the Magic Castle Crme-Brle-crust,...
John Carney's, Max Maxen, Pop Hayden,
...Tom Frank,
...well, maybe not Tom,..🤔
BUT the TOP 'Hats'(!),
have been doing this for years(!),
...in order to pay their Hollywood rents!"

If you're one of the 17%,
who still un-manages an open-mind,..
Well friend,
I've got an Idea to share!

Inspired, by Imac and Gaddy;
I took a peeksy,
into Alyx's bathroom.
(do a 'Search'.)

I instantly smelled the idea of,..
'Bathroom Theater'!..! 💥💫💫!💥
,..the ultimate underground,...relief.

Think about it(!).

A 'limited' audience,..
,..after it's decided,
.."Who get's to sit?"

Come on,..
where do sound your best?,..!
(I'm talking about,..Toilet/Shower combo rooms,..K.)

And you know,
one of the hardest things 'Legit' Theaters
to accommodate for is,...
yep. 😳
(..almost wrote: 'Lesh*t'. ☺️)

'Slydini's Paper-balls over the Head'!
'Waters from India',..
'Any Drink from the Fauscet'.
(When you're not looking,..
that's spelt correctly.)
'Sands from the Toilett Bowl.' (?)

...folks are USED to pay a Dime(!) to get in!

....."Get privee to the secrets."
uhhh. 😕
That was bad.

...i COULD continue(!),
but I've got to go.

Hey! What the heck is everybody doing in HERE!.?!!?
Come on!,..OUT!
David Copper-.....?!

(and a pleasurable smile to Alyx.
I can't wait to watch your first 'live set',
when a LADY(!) says to you:
"Can you make my husband disappear?". ☺️)

Message: Posted by: Zauberman (Apr 25, 2021 07:05AM)
I didn't have a clue what Galli was talking about....

I took his cue, & did a google search for 'Alyx's bathroom'.

4 hours later....I worked it out in the end.
Half-life Alyx....is he half full or half empty.

I think it is time to upgrade my (Zuse) Z3 computer.
Message: Posted by: GMcAlpin (Apr 25, 2021 12:21PM)
Hi. I think that he's talking about alyxmagic on YouTube. During the pandemic, she has posted performance videos of some of her busking routines. One of her videos is filmed in her bathroom.

You should check her out. She's really good and she has tons of personality.
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Apr 26, 2021 12:58AM)
"The sooner you admitt to your sins,
the sooner they will forgivv,..forGET you.
The 'wise', practise.....patience."

"I didn't have a clue what Galli was talking about.."
,..to witch,,,,WHICH(!),..
my loving-Lady responded:
"Nieither did HE(!), the guy who wrote it."

. . . . . . . * . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Sorry for any,..ALL(!), confusions generated.
my actions get out of sync with my intentions,
...which later become dis-oriented,..
in my words.

Two points for GMcAlpin!
SOMEONE understands ME!
(....you'll never be taken seriously again(!),
on this street-corner!)

In fairness, to Imac's original clip-tipp:
{ https://www.youtube.com/c/AlyxMagic/videos }

(...see buddy(!). somebuddy DOES read YOUR Posts!)

He states enough.
...to begin with.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *

hh. 😕
I just realise,
ONLY(!), in her 'last' peice of film,
she gives away,...'the secret location'. 😳
{ https://youtu.be/IKB3R20XjnA }

I have a confession.
N, I've never been in her Bathroom.
,..in body. 🙄

But, I honestly have this terrible(?) Habit,
of watching most folks 'youtube channels',
....from 'bottom-up'. 😐
I 'think',.. 🤔
🔃 I'll be watching,..
the least-groomed,..
'the most honest'?,. 🔃

Once again,
"Sorry for any and ALL confusion!"

...altho WE must admit:
since Gaddy's been back here(!),
....things HAVE BEEN(!..!)...cmm. 😔

Have a nice breeze at your back today, folks.
Message: Posted by: D. Yoder (May 2, 2021 08:55PM)
And a good breeze back at you, Friend Gallagher, unless it is coming from a bathroom or outhouse as the case may be. I remember sitting in my grandfather's outhouse as a Winter wind blew in from the West, under the wall, and up through the hole. It was not a place to spend time in if you could help it. I have enjoyed Alyx's work and hope to see her work live one day.
Message: Posted by: gaddy (May 3, 2021 06:36PM)
[quote]On Apr 24, 2021, gallagher wrote:

Inspired, by Imac and Gaddy;
I took a peeksy,
into Alyx's bathroom.
(do a 'Search'.)

There are those who have Suggested that my greatest purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others...
Message: Posted by: imgic (May 4, 2021 09:09AM)
There's "The Weekly Bathroom Magic Trick" that pops up in my Facebook feed....I haven't watch his stuff, but appears he does a weekly trick in his bathroom often on the floor...