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Topic: Christian Painter - Mindtripping Index By Issue
Message: Posted by: mantel (Apr 25, 2021 04:48PM)
[b]Christian Painter - Mindtripping Index By Issue[/b]

32. Cut Deeper force [as part of an easy mentalism routine]

33. business card mentalism routine

34. trick to re-direct an interruption

35. favorite routine

36. mentalism routine with coins

37. Balducci [with a twist]

38. “Magic Words"

40. tears up some cards

41. Prophecy Move [archery-themed effect]

42. Larry Becker's "Cliptomatic"

43. mentalism routine [two-card monte system with business cards]

47. mentalism routine [based on Tony Corinda’s The Third Choice]

48. card prediction routine [Si Stebbins order]

49. Katalina Absolon presents Larry Becker’s Will the Cards Match [couple’s version]

50. ESP deck trick [using candy bars]

51. game show effect for couples [using the ESP card premise]

52. simple, self-working mentalism routine [using UNO cards]