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Topic: Anyone familiar with Tenyo Dynamic Coins?
Message: Posted by: tyler_rabbit (May 10, 2021 08:24PM)
I recently picked up a used version of this trick https://youtu.be/cgHA1vGazNk and encountered an issue: Quarters are the perfect diameter to match the stacks, but the edges don't match because there's copper sandwiched in the quarters and the stack is totally silver. I obtained some 100 Yen coins which are depicted in the above Japanese video and the original Tenyo packaging, however the diameter is considerably smaller than the stack. Apparently the 100 Yen hasn't changed since 1967 so I'm confused; is there a slightly bigger 100 Yen I should use, or is the Tenyo prop a US-only export version that's slightly larger to accommodate quarters? I could use pure silver quarters but don't want to. Anyone with knowledge of this issue? Thanks guys.
Message: Posted by: kwarren (May 10, 2021 11:03PM)
I purchased the same trick by Marvinís Magic and had the same issue.
I could never find the right coins.
I finally purchased Fantastic Coins by Tango (quarter sized - aluminum).
Their product was made using real quarters so my problem was solved.

Message: Posted by: MGordonB (May 12, 2021 01:45PM)
Canadian quarters are the same size as US quarters and donít have the edge colour issue.
Message: Posted by: jim ferguson (May 13, 2021 06:13PM)
Hi Tyler.

I had this prop almost thirty years ago. The stack matched perfectly with uk 10p pieces.

Could it be that your prop is made for use with uk coins ?