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Topic: How can I routine these together better?
Message: Posted by: Iqn (May 11, 2021 10:27PM)
Essentially here is my entire trick list compiled into 3 separate categories in which I think they'd best fit.
My idea is to middle it down to about 9 tricks that I can rotate in groups of 3 as I'm walking around to different groups.

However, I'm wondering what those 9 should be and which ones would best fit together... And if my trick list needs to be updated with recommended effects.

Thanks for your help in advance!

My openers are usually:

Red Hot Mama
Lazy Man's Card Trick
Rubber Exchange (Joe Rindfleisch)
Pot Of Jam
Penrose Pendant (Jeff Prace)


SLOP (Triumph)
One Handed (Ollie Mealing)
Lie Detector (I force a card and tell them to lie to me)
ACR (Card to Mouth)
DFB (Double Prediction)
Card Force w/ Hot Shot Cut Reveal
Untouched (Daryl)
Mon-Key (Jeff Prace)
Mini Card (Diamond Jim)
Svenpad Mentalism
Card on Box Reveal (10 of Hearts on Bicycle Box)

Insurance Policy
Omni Deck
Contact (Rick Lax)
Sponge Bunnies
Message: Posted by: ScarneAce (May 15, 2021 04:14AM)
Get all the props needed for these tricks, lay them out and then put on a suit jacket and work out what you can realistically carry walkaround.

Sponge bunnies will take one pocket, if you're switching in an omni deck that will take another pocket, svenpad another pocket, pot of jam? well a pot of jam is also going to bulge.

Once in your pockets notice how bulky you look.

Some of those are also table tricks. I can't imagine doing lazy mans card trick walkaround unless you want to set the stack each time, and untouched requires dealing.

Here's a quick set for you:

Sponge Bunnies
Red Hot Mama
Rubber Exchange (Joe Rindfleisch)
DFB (Double Prediction)
Card Force w/ Hot Shot Cut Reveal
ACR to Omni Deck
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (May 21, 2021 10:03PM)
Usually a set will appear out of thin air , like magic, over time.

When you perform enough, it all just comes together.

I don't see anything "big"! in your list. What do you do when 30 people can't hear you or see you up close.

I would recommend adding at least one of these:
professor's nightmare
ninja rings
coins thru silk (ammar)

Those play huge, they play to a large group, and from a distance, if needed, and silently if needed.

they invite spectator interaction if you want.
you can see them performed from across the room.
they are very flexible routines.

all great openers, closers or anything in-between for any size crowd, at any volume level.

I would not worry about carrying all that stuff.
Amateurs carry tons of stuff in multiple sets for 40 days and nights worth of work in their suit.
Pros carry about 4 tricks and kick @ss all night long.

The more I performed, the less I carried.