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Topic: Which hand - electronic gimmick
Message: Posted by: nsvilici (May 29, 2021 06:54PM)
Few months ago I saw electronic gimmick, very similar to PM's Keypers Finders (but I don't remember the name of that electronic gimmick)
It was reciever and transmitter, very similar to PM's FK's
Do anybody know the name of that electronic "which hand" product?
Thank you
Message: Posted by: John C (Jul 6, 2021 10:40AM)
Which one?
Message: Posted by: Avocat (Jul 24, 2021 02:46PM)
If itís a receiver AND a transmitter, then it might be ProMysticís Scan3D

seems like most electronic which hand gimmicks are stand-alone, which makes more sense practically speaking

ProMysticís solution only works because the receiver also works with other ProMystic products