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Topic: Feature Index By Issue
Message: Posted by: mantel (May 31, 2021 11:32PM)
[b]Feature Index By Issue[/b][list=1][*]Paul Harris (technology, mastery, and astonishment)

[*]Jason Alexander (creating an award-winning act (Academy of the Magical Arts Parlour Magician of the Year 2006))

[*] Jay Sankey (magic and creativity)

[*]Bill Malone, CEO of Comedy Magic

[*] Johnny Thompson (early years, character development, the creation of The Great Tomsoni & Co. and the importance of Vernon At the Magic Castle)

[*] Dean Dill (what it was like to perform on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson)

[*] Mac King, king of comedy magic

[*] David Williamson (being willing to fail and the difference between the corporate world and magic conventions)

[*] Richard Turner (remarkable life)

[*] Mike Caveney (Long Beach Mystics, old magic books and a tour of the Egyptian Hall collection)

[*]Chris Kenner (bad magic, Criss Angel, and the need for a real magic critic)

[*]Eugene Burger (making your magic important and more)

[*]Daniel Garcia (struggles for success)

[*]Wayne Dobson (multiple sclerosis has affected his approach to magic, changed his career — and redirected his life)

[*]Dan & Dave Buck (card flourishes have changed their lives and what they're going to do next!)

[*] Max Maven (state of Mentalism today and how people will believe anything!)

[*]Mark Mason (childhood and how magic changed his life)

[*]Kostya Kimlat (designing magic tricks, and asks "who cares?")

[*] Road to Beijing (behind-the-scenes look at the performance tour 5 FISM winners (Lennart Green, Miguel Puga, Rocco, Shoot Ogawa and Henry Evans) took through China)

[*] The Magic Castle (tour by Milt Larson)

[*] Shawn Farquhar, 2010 FISM winner (working hard and taking risks)

[*]Michael Ammar ("coming out" as a magician and performing on Letterman)

[*]Eric DeCamps (creating a modern magic show)

[*]Paul Gertner (development of Steel & Silver routine and performing for Johnny Carson)

[*]Craig Petty & David Penn (their show (Wizard Product Review) as well as the failed "magic-off" with Justin Miller)

[*]Wayne Houchin (hanging upside down in a straight jacket can really change your perception on life)

[*] Armando Lucero (value of secrets and earning knowledge)

[*]Josh Jay (creativity, selling magic and working with HBO)

[*]Losander (creative influences and the development of the floating table)

[*]David Stone (influenced by the film "Rocky" and doing the impossible)

[*]David Copperfield (daring to make mistakes and his continuing quest to elevate the art of magic)

[*]Boris Wild (creativity and the difference between American and European audiences)

[*]Dan Sperry (why magic isn't cool and experience on "America's Got Talent")

[*]Apollo Robbins (science connecting magic, pickpocketing, and mentalism)

[*]Jim Steinmeyer (working with Doug Henning and the importance of learning the classics)

[*]Chris Capehart (honing skills on the street and making a living doing children's magic)

[*] Asi Wind (magic, art, and creating an impossible moment)

[*]Andi Gladwin (switching careers, the ethics of stealing magic, and what makes him unique)

[*] John Gaughan, legendary illusion designer (gives a tour of his workshop, including his collection of historical pieces and some of his most famous illusions!)

[*] Francis Menotti (power of "finding the metaphor" and that there's always something new to be discovered in magic)

[*] Brian Gillis, Johnny Carson’s favorite magician (mastering his material helps him connect to his audience)

[*] Jon Dorenbos, Pro Bowl long-snapper (magic rescued a young boy from tragedy and changed his life forever)

[*] John Carney (Dai Vernon taught him the importance of simplicity, punctuation, and the pursuit of natural movement)

[*] Rob Zebrecky (importance of embracing your inner weirdo, taking risks, and not being afraid to sheds a few “art tears”)

[*] Philippe Petit Part 1 (lessons he’s learned as an aerialist, juggler, pickpocket, street performer, and bullfighter have informed his magic and his art)

[*] Philippe Petit: Part 2 (shows the wire used to walk between the Twin Towers, and how producing a dove was nearly his downfall)

[*]Steve Spill (amazing stories about growing up at The Magic Castle and from his book, I Lie for Money)

[*]Derek Hughes (“America’s Got Talent” helped him enliven material that “works” into something very special.)

[*]John Lovick (creating Handsome Jack persona and his triumphant appearance on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us)

[*] Steve Valentine (new video encyclopedia, Magic on the Go and the creation of his one-man show, Life and Other Deceptions)

[*] The Amazing Johnathan Charlie Frye and Bill Malone (conspire to destroy the Magic Live Dealer room and each other)

[*] Kozmo (life as a street performer and video producer, including great stories about Cellini, Harry Anderson, and desire to have a positive impact on the magic community)

[*]Guy Hollingworth (trailblazing career as a performer, magic innovator, filmmaker, and barrister)

[*] Jim Cellini, King of the Streets