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Topic: Four variable Hummer Principle.
Message: Posted by: Andy Moss (Jun 5, 2021 02:04PM)
A while back in a topic to be found below in Magical Equations I posted my thoughts concerining the 'Two doors to freedom' principle.

Now I turn my attention to the Bob Hummer principle only that I am going to offer an alternative that may be used with FOUR variables.

Four variables. You could use tarot cards, or colour cards or even have someone write down the name of someone not known to you who is now dead with three other names who are still alive.

What is important is that the cards need to have markings on the back. Many playing cards have naturally miscut back designs such as Bees or Waddingtons.
I am using game tablet cards from an 'Orchard Toys' game set designed for sale to young children. These tablets have the images of the following fruit on the front. Apple, pear, raspberry, banana.The card backs importantly have a naturally miscut wording repeated upon them so that I can easily discern the back markings of the individual cards.

Now follow the following procedure.

1) Cards given to person to look at and they are asked simply to think of any one of the fruit before mixing up the four cards in their hands so that even they do not know the order of the cards. They are then asked to place cards face down in a row.

2) You gain peek of the identity of the first and last cards of the row as you give the following instruction with an appropriate hand gesture. "I am going to turn my back and when I do I want you to turn face up the card that has the image of the fruit that you are thinking of" (pretend to turn the last card over to face up as you gain your second peek but do not actually do so).

3) "Now please swap around any two of the face down cards...it is up to you.".

4) "O.K Now focus your attention upon any one of the two swapped about face down cards....again it is up to you which one....and turn this card face up so that there will now be two face up and two face down cards. In the row".

5) "Now please swap about the two remaining face down cards with one another. ".

6) Finally please turn the two face up cards face down so that all the cards in the row are now face down and can not be seen by me when I turn around again to face you.".

A possible premise for doing all the above is that we proclaim when our back is turned to be visualising the face up image in our mind as the cards are moved about.

The following thought is optional. If we wanted to have the person give the row a further mix up then we might then have them swap the two outside cards followed by the two middle cards. This will merely result in reversing the order of the cards!.

Then for the reveal we simply apply simple logic as we do with the original three variable version of the Hummer Principle.
The only card that will be in its original position will be their thought of fruit!!

If we do not choose to apply the further mix up idea then start from left most card of pile. If the row ends in reverse order then from the right most card.
Remember if the first card is in its original position then it must be the thought of fruit. If not then rule it out and also the card that is now in its former place. Do the same for the last card.......anyway you get the idea.

I will leave it to you to work out the logic that needs to be applied here. It must be stressed that the logic works 100% each time.

All the best Andy.
Message: Posted by: Andy Moss (Jun 14, 2021 03:20PM)
Let us now raise the bar a little higher.Through adapting the above approach we may be able to discern the variable a person is thinking of among FIVE variables.

How do we achieve this? Well we have to introduce the variables gradually into the picture. We place the five tablets (that are naturally marked on the backs) in a face down pile on the table. We then turn our back to the spectator.

1) We ask the spectator to place any two of the tablets face down in a row. After the two tablets have been chosen we turn our back around to face the spectator for a couple of seconds as we give the necessary instruction as to what they should now do. Whilst we are doing this we simply note the identities of the two variables from their back markings and remember the two cards.We immediately turn our back around again so that we can not once again see the proceedings.

2) Spectator is asked to think of any one of the two variables before mixing the two face down tablets about on the table.

3) They are then asked to introduce a third face down tablet and then mix up these three tablets about on the table.

4) As for 3) with respect to the fourth and the final fifth tablet.

5) Your back is still turned at this point. The five variables have been randomly mixed about and the spectator will understandably believe that you can not know which one of tne five tablets they are thinking of.

6) We then turn our backs around for a second or so to give the next instruction. As we do so we simply note the positions in the row of the two originally chosen variables!

7) We turn our back around again so that we can not see anything. We then ask them to turn the tablet that they are thinking of face up.

8) We then simply ask them to swap about the two outer face down tablets.

9) We ask them to swap the two inner face down tablets about.

10) Finally we ask the spectator to turn the face up tablet face down again.

At this point we turn our back around to face the spectator.
We simply note which one of the two initially chosen tablets is still in its original position in the row. That will be the variable the spectator is thinking of!

This logic should always work 100% of the time.