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Topic: Portal web app by Joshua Riley and Paul Longhurst
Message: Posted by: paullong (Jun 7, 2021 11:10AM)


An incredible new way of accessing all your web-based magic apps on your spectator's phone.

A one-stop place to get to Inject, Wikitest, Elips and any web-based magic app without having to remember every code.

All on your spectator's phone, and they'll find nothing wrong.


Message: Posted by: egoli (Jun 17, 2021 05:47PM)
Anyone signed up for this? Any reviews? Sounds interesting but wanted more info before forking out almost CAN$35

Message: Posted by: santlerconjurer (Aug 3, 2021 09:35AM)
Anyone using this successfully? If so please indicate via PM or through this thread. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Jim Wakelin (Aug 6, 2021 01:04PM)
I recently decided to purchase this, and unfortunately I have to admit I'm a little disappointed. I would say for what this is, it is priced reasonably, however I feel there are some major flaws with it's execution. The biggest, at least from my experience running this through Google Chrome, is that the page(s) that this gives you access to are identified as 'fake' and potentially malicious, causing some browsers to display a warning message asking you if you wish to continue. This seems to apply across devices, and while it could theoretically be bypassed (assuming you have access to your spectators device, you could just dismiss the message yourself) it would undoubtedly leave people at least a bit worried if they were to see it.

The other issue I have is that, honestly, the page just doesn't look that convincing. There are many apps out there that re-create pages like this and do so faithfully, so it's a real shame . Don't get me wrong, I think this is a great idea for a web app, and I think with some improvement it could be something every magician wants to use in combination with their other web based applications in the future, but unfortunately to me it feels rather unfinished at the moment, and I feel improvement in at least these areas is required.