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Topic: The Secret Art of Magic is now available in pdf
Message: Posted by: Eric Evans (Jun 9, 2021 11:43PM)
Greetings to all,

TSAOM has been long out of print and when it rarely appears in the resale market, it commands big prices. Now you can have it on your computer tonight. It's available from Penguin Magic now as a download.

For the purposes of this post however, I wish to direct you to a review of the book by a Mr. Jamy Ian Swiss. It's a nice tour de force of his knowledge of magic and specifically the history of street magic. And while It's a mixed review, it's measured overall and very informative. I invite you all to read it:

Message: Posted by: ed rhodes (Jun 11, 2021 09:56AM)
It looks like a MASSIVELY useful book, well worth the $45.00... that I don't currently have!

Message: Posted by: senno52 (Jun 22, 2021 07:16AM)
One of my favorite books, was happy to find a copy, and glad others will have a chance to read it. Eric, I've heard you're working on a new book. Are there any updates on that? Thanks for sharing...
Message: Posted by: Eric Evans (Jun 23, 2021 01:53PM)
Senno52, thanks for your kind words. It's always extremely gratifying when I hear that others have found some value in my work. I get a charge thinking that I might really be helping move magic forward by incorporating wisdom from other related fields.

As to my new book, I'm organizing my writings and will continue to do so over the winter months I'm sure. Most of the writing is done but because of my style of writing, I must now spend a good deal of time providing the "Armature" around which all of it will be organized. That process is the same approach that I had with my first book, incorporating ideas from Sun Tzu. I'm not sure that it's the best approach, but it sort of works for me and I think imparts a good deal more power to the various concepts as a result.

Hopefully by spring of next year I'll have another offering for intellectual consumption ;) :banana:

Again, thank you for your comments and inquiry.
Message: Posted by: gaddy (Jun 27, 2021 05:12PM)
I bought this book when it was first published, and I often find myself revisiting it.

The DVD you produced a few years later is also quite good!
Message: Posted by: NEKKODDD (Jul 3, 2021 10:32PM)
Does the digital version have a search feature?
Message: Posted by: Eric Evans (Jul 4, 2021 12:37PM)

My friend who had the pdf made has informed me that it is 90% searchable. The character recognition program isnít perfect but itís close.

Also, thereís an extensive index in the back of the book that Iíve found to be very useful.