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Topic: Need an Idea
Message: Posted by: mightytimbo (Jun 14, 2021 02:33PM)
Hey Guys-

Need an idea from you. I just placed an order with penguin magic. For fun I had them grab any random playing card they had sitting around the office and seal it in a manila envelope and send it to me.

I thought it would be a fun "Pick a card/Reveal"

Here's the problem.

I don't have a plan for the reveal.

If anyone has a good thought for this I'd love to hear it. If it needs to be explained in detail feel free to PM so as not to reveal methods. You can reply in the thread if you're just going to refer to the name of tricks or something.

Let me know what you think.
Message: Posted by: funsway (Jun 14, 2021 04:34PM)
There are some way you can learn the identity of the card without breaking the seal. The easiest is to use a copy machine and play with the contrast settings.
If it is pip card you may be able to see the density difference.

If you can learn it, you can still truthfully say, "A playing card completely unknown to me was sealed in this envelope and never opened. No one has see that card since."
Message: Posted by: Merodach (Jun 15, 2021 08:57AM)
Sometimes shedding some lig*t on the matter also helps (if a copy machine is not available).
Message: Posted by: Mr. Woolery (Jun 17, 2021 11:18PM)
Not sure what your plan was, but if you have someone else open it, you can use a Brainwave or Ultramental deck to show you predicted it.

Message: Posted by: Kastro (Jun 25, 2021 08:57AM)
How to choose the right deck?
Message: Posted by: Julie (Jun 25, 2021 11:16AM)
How about making that card one of the choices for a Mental Epic presentation?

Message: Posted by: Julie (Jun 26, 2021 12:44PM)
[quote]On Jun 25, 2021, Julie wrote:
How about making that card one of the choices for a Mental Epic presentation?

Julie [/quote]

Or ANY other organic one-ahead type performance?

Message: Posted by: electronics_magician (Jul 4, 2021 02:28PM)
Why do they have to seal it? What does that add?

Audience don't know who Penguin magic is.
Message: Posted by: Merodach (Jul 5, 2021 07:45AM)
I would think that sealing implies that it has not been tampered with during the performance.
Message: Posted by: Frank Yuen (Jul 5, 2021 08:18AM)
I've been holding my tongue because I didn't want to seem harsh, especially given that this is the beginnerss area. Started posting at least a half dozen times and then deleting. But here goes.

This entire exercise is a waste of time. There is no need to have Penguin seal an unknown card for you as it would mean nothing to the audience. You could just state that before the show you pulled out a card and inserted it into the envelope without looking. However, there is also the fact that few in the audience will believe you that you do not know the card. The only way that the premise works is to do all of this in front of the audience. In this case you now have something to work on method wise.

Please take this criticism for what it is meant to be, a learning lesson. One of the things you need to learn as a magician is how to look at things from the audience perspective. Often magicians will attempt to fix something that isn't really a problem or work on an effect that in the end isn't really a good trick.
Message: Posted by: Merodach (Jul 7, 2021 06:02AM)
That's a great point. We have to always think about the audiences perspective and mentality. I think Magicians default to always looking at an effect as a magician (at least some magicians - universal statement/primse not intended).
Message: Posted by: thegreatscungilli (Sep 14, 2021 09:31AM)
Again not wanting to be harsh, but I agree with Frank. If you were in the audience, would you believe that the card had been randomly loaded by a third party and that the magi didn't know what it was? There are other alternatives that you can do that would be more convincing and not all of them require a high level of skill.
Message: Posted by: Fromentum (Sep 15, 2021 07:57AM)
So basically it is a random card choice and you have no idea what it is. So your effect are very limited. Basically just the effects you can do when your spectator chooses a random card. But when the spectator does it right at the moment it is stronger in my opininon because there is absolutely no possibility to know that in advance. While the envelope leaves a little bit of doubt in the mind of you spectators.

the idea with a sealed envelope that is sent to you is quite nice and has a lot of possibilities (prediction/one Ahed kind of presentation) but therefore you need to know the card in advance.

So in colcusion. if you do a effect with an unknown card let the spectator choose (eventually put it in an envelope and seal it) or know the cntent in advance for a stronger prediction effect ;-)
Message: Posted by: landmark (Sep 16, 2021 06:21AM)
Seal an invisible deck in an envelope. Mail it to a friend. Tell the friend to bring the sealed envelope to your house next time you get together...