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Topic: Star Gazer Trick by Alan Wong-Does anyone use it?
Message: Posted by: dynamiteassasin (Jun 18, 2004 03:48AM)
I saw this trick called Star Gazer and it's something with rubber bands. I've never heard of this trick. To all those who have this effect I would just like to ask if this trick is ideal for street magic. Are there no gimmicks?
Message: Posted by: Jim Wilder (Jun 18, 2004 09:37AM)
I have the effect and use it all the time. It takes about 15 minutes to learn and is well worth it! It plays just as well for adults as it does for young people.

I suppose it uses a gimmick, in terms of needing a rubber band that is shaped. But the trick requires some time to learn... it is not self-working.

It is an effect I am always sure to keep with me.
Message: Posted by: rannie (Jun 18, 2004 11:50PM)
Alan Wong is a good friend of mine and he has a lot of great ideas . Stargazer is a winner. It leaves an emotional and magical mark on the spec depending on how you present it. He also sells refills.

Message: Posted by: Partizan (Jun 19, 2004 12:21AM)
I would only get this trick if you do other elastic band magic. It does look really lame as a stand alone effect. you must surround it with other band type stunts to get its full effect.
I tend to use it as a final for the CMH.
Message: Posted by: dynamiteassasin (Jun 19, 2004 11:35PM)
Where can I learn CMH?
Message: Posted by: Jim Wilder (Jun 20, 2004 02:57PM)
This is a current thread here: