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Topic: Dealer Directories
Message: Posted by: DmitryCost (Jun 20, 2021 05:03PM)
Hello there!

Hope everyone is keeping well! :)

So sorry if the topic is misplaced but it felt more appropriate to ask in this section given the whole international aspect.

Last year I opened a Magic Shop in my city of Dubai. Never really had anything too serious here and I really wanted to give back to the community by bringing as much magic as I could over to the UAE.

I was wondering is there any decent global dealer directory out there, where it would be worth getting listed in?

Any advice from other dealers or just magicians who have seen one would be most appreciated!

Best wishes to all!
Message: Posted by: Julie (Jun 20, 2021 05:32PM)
Perhaps advertising in the The LINKING RING Magazine and being included in their directory of advertisers each month would serve your purpose...
Message: Posted by: DmitryCost (Jun 22, 2021 05:54AM)
Thank you so much! Pardon I just realized that this is a totally wrong place to ask. I thought the International Brotherhood of Magicians was a come one come all thread :P
Still thank you for the advise! Will look into that potentially!
Message: Posted by: NEKKODDD (Jun 24, 2021 12:21AM)
Yes, Linking Ring