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Topic: Comedy Writing Software
Message: Posted by: Stephen Barney (Jun 18, 2004 01:13PM)
I was bored and browsing the other night and came accross a piece of software called comedy writer intrigued I down loaded the demo and had a play It seemed complicated and I failed to make iy do much of any use. Now this may just be ignorance of its workings but It got me thinking is there anything in this sort of softare? is it just a gimick or is there a hidden value I missed. Do any of you use some sort of software to help with the comedy writing process and is it any good?
Message: Posted by: C Christian (Jun 18, 2004 06:26PM)
Yes my Comedy writing software is Called, "pad of paper and a #2 pencil"!
I've heared about this software but I don't know anyone who has or wanted to use it.
Cheers Chris
Message: Posted by: The Village Idiots (Jun 19, 2004 08:39AM)
Does it just help organize thoughts and premises? Sounds interesting.

I hardly have the dilagence to sit and write anymore. I have found this cool little pen at Staples. Called Ion, I think. Compresses down so it fits in your pocket. Little notepad in my back pocket and I am ready to write down every stupid thought that enters my mind. A writer isn't a writer unless he writes.
Message: Posted by: duckster (Jun 24, 2004 03:25PM)

Enough already with the ion pen.

it compresses down?


But seriously you have some of the most insightful posts on this board, I alway do a search to see if you have commented on anything on this board.

Where do you perform? Anywhere I can go and see one of your shows next time I take the family to Florida?
Message: Posted by: Wizzy (Jun 24, 2004 05:43PM)
They do say that magicians never applaud - they are too busy writing down the jokes.

There is nothing new - maybe new topics - but the old jokes can be made to fit with a little thought.

Tommy Cooper had some great gags, but looking through Henny Youngman's 10,000 One-Liners (Ballymote Books)a lot are in there - and Henny Youngman was born around 1907. Now you know where to look - don't think a computer programme could replace naturally funny writers.
Message: Posted by: Magicman8 (Jun 24, 2004 06:48PM)
I must agree with Wizzy. If you cannot write have sombody else write for you. I have never heard of this software and I don't see how it can write jokes on the given subject... Unless it is fill-in-the-blanks.

Message: Posted by: The Village Idiots (Jun 25, 2004 11:14AM)
The Ion is also a digital camera and cell phone. Fits right in your front pants pocket. The little bitty one on the right above the big pocket. Have you ever wondered what to put in that pocket? Buy an Ion.

We are working cruise ships right now. To see our stage show you would have to book a cruise. However we have recently purchased a Florida panhandlers permit and can be seen performing at the intersection of Highway 4 and Fairbanks. You can't miss us. Look for the cardboard sign. "Will Juggle For Food."

Message: Posted by: sniper1 (Jun 25, 2004 06:49PM)
Comedy writers are a bit helpfull if you know how to use them . they don't make to jokes for you , they just facilitate the process of research and brain storming

let me give a small example
you thinking about dentist jokes
so what you do is to brain storm about dentist stuff
example floss , molars , thootpaste , root canal , ect ect
now in the comedy writer you run a search on the words you brainstormed
example you run a search on canal
and these come up in the search , suez canal , panama canal , ect ect

now the next step is to connect the results

example of a joke
root canal ? I think he made the bloody suez canal with what he charged me

so a comedy writer can never substiute the mind of a good comedian , but it can always lend a helping hand when your stuck
Message: Posted by: ed rhodes (Jun 25, 2004 07:04PM)
On 2004-06-18 19:26, C Christian wrote:
Yes my Comedy writing software is Called, "pad of paper and a #2 pencil"!
I've heared about this software but I don't know anyone who has or wanted to use it.
Cheers Chris

"Writing comedy is easy, all you do is stare at a blank piece of paper until drops of blood break out on your forehead!"
Message: Posted by: Cabrera (Jun 27, 2004 08:23AM)
(example of a joke
root canal ? I think he made the bloody suez canal with what he charged me)

that's because you have deep pockets
Message: Posted by: Smudge (Jun 28, 2004 07:20AM)
And as you are going for the how much he charged you for the work, you could follow up with "He told me to take a drink and spit it out" I thought no way for what he charging me, I'm getting my monies worth, so I swallowed it.
Message: Posted by: Wizzy (Jun 28, 2004 01:55PM)
Much of the comedy I use develops from the situation (you smash their watch, or burn a hole in their handkerchief - then of course you restore it - unless you happen to be Jonathan!) so the humour develops naturally.
Better to be yourself - if you are not natural your audience will soon pick up on it. Beware!
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jul 2, 2004 01:38AM)
Here's one I just thought of.

"Take my wife, sleaze!"