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Topic: CSB Alternative
Message: Posted by: funsway (Jul 18, 2021 10:02AM)
For those who like the general CSB theme but don't like the expense of variations,
I just released "China Spice" on Lybrary.com at a give-a-way price.

I use a Kennedy Half, English Penny and Blue Chinese coins, hence the name, but any coin combination can work -
allowing for a change of storyline for repeat audiences or available coins.

It has multi-phase Transpositions including some in a spectator's hand that go far beyond the normal CSB limitations.
Moderate skill for the new Sleights and handling, plus "live performance experience."
Once these are mastered many other phases can be added.

Required is an Exp [ to fits over all coins, plus an extra matching Chinese coin (or other choice)

I like the colored Chinese coins for the visual impact and they are cheap enough to gift away at the end,
though I have segued to this Routine from a color changing Effect or CCC or C/S Transpo since no special gaff is required.

I can no longer perform because of crippled fingers, so am passing many "reserved effects" along now.
Some have been released with dozens more to come.

Message: Posted by: Brookie2644 (Sep 9, 2021 08:00AM)
This is worth getting!