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Topic: At Last!
Message: Posted by: hkwiles (Jun 20, 2004 09:07AM)
I've just been watching the Original BBC series from the 1970's , DVD version of Dennis Potter's "Pennies from Heaven" (knocks the spots off the film version with Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters).
It has only just been made available in this format..simply brilliant.
At the time it was on TV I borrowed a CD from a friend and taped the BBC soundtrack of all the old 30's and 40's songs, but the CD is now now longer available. However..trawling through the web I discovered an album containing all the songs..and more on a 3cd boxed set of songs from that era..

I am about to order Potter's follow up, again just out on DVD..The Singing Detective and the CD of that is now available.His other follow ups were Black Eyes and Lipstick on your Collar. For the uninitiated they are , sort of musicals, in which the cast "lip sync" the songs which fall into the story line..just brilliant.