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Topic: Howdy
Message: Posted by: Derek Dean (Jun 21, 2004 03:11AM)
Howdy, I saw my 1st live magician in a church basement when I was 8 years old ( I'm 48 now ). I was the know it all kid that had to let everybody know how smart I was.

He got me with the Hippity Hop rabbits ( boy was my face red when I went up and turned the red and yellow rabbits around ), that shut me up, and then he blew my young mind by having a bird cage vanish while I had my hands on both sides of it. We actually became good friends and he got me started with my 1st Svengali deck.

Many years later and I'm more fascinated with the art of magic than ever. I still have all my old Douglas Magic Land catalogues and the wonderful magic apparatus that I waited patiently for to arrive in the mail, and all the old Adams tricks that I picked up at every Stuckeys we stopped at while on summer vacation.

I've managed to amass quite a large collection of magic apparatus over the years and have finally begun to pick thru it and find the gems that are worth the time to practice and perfect, and hopefully perform again some day. I realized how far I had to go before being able to call my self a magician the time I saw Lance Burton perform a simple knotted silk off rope routine. I had done that many times in my show, but I realized I had only been doing a trick. I watched in amazement as he took a simple concept and created an exciting and beautiful moment of true magic.

That's what I hope to achieve and I'm happy I've found a group of fellow enthusiasts who share my passion. Here's looking forward to sharing the journey....Derek
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Jun 21, 2004 05:44AM)
Welcome to our magical community here in cyberspace. :)
Message: Posted by: Frank Tougas (Jun 21, 2004 04:01PM)

My old Douglas Magicland catalogs have fallen apart from constantly looking through them as a kid. I do have a Jefferies Douglas Magicland Catalog, but somehow it just ain't the same.

Message: Posted by: Dr. TORA (Jul 6, 2004 08:14AM)
Hi Derek,
Welcome to the Café. What a nice story & introducton.The Café is such a unique place for Magic. It is ever expanding and has nearly 13.500 members throughout the world. It will make a great contribution to your magic perspective. Do not forget to post often. You will find many new friends and many new ideas here. I predict you will like the Café.Please grab a chair and begin to type your next post while you have a cup of strong Turkish coffee on my bill.