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Topic: Magic Club advisor
Message: Posted by: Professor Corleone (Oct 4, 2021 11:05PM)
Hi! I started a magic club at a local high school in California. Should I get my kids signed up with a local ibm chapter? How does that work? Sorry about being so naive about ibm and thanks for directing me. I also am curious about joining the ibm. Thank you!
Message: Posted by: Tim Snyder (Oct 9, 2021 02:38PM)
I am a member of SAM and also Subscribe to Genii magazine. I am not a member of IBM.

I don't think it is important / helpful for your kids as a whole to be encouraged to join IBM. You have enjoyed magic without ever joining. If you have a student or two who seems especially serious about the art, then I would encourage them to look into joining one of the societies. For someone new to magic, I might encourage them to subscribe to Genii magazine even before joining an organization. The magazine gives you a nice feel for / understanding of the whole magic community.

There is so much cheap and free material available today for anyone interested in learning magic -- YouTube and used DVDs from the big auction site. I would use these materials to illustrate the enormous variety of magicians and the types of magic they perform. As students started to formulate their own style and preferences, I would point them towards groups, organizations and conventions that would help them to become "good" performers in their selected style.

Your average club members can just enjoy fooling around with magic after school. Clubs, organizations, magazines and conventions run from about $50 to $150. The Magic Café is free. I have learned as much here as from anywhere else.

I hope your club at the school is a fun experience for everyone!